About us



About us

Fast Art has been operating commercially since 1999 and is an example of world's best practice variable content publishing.

Less time. Less money.

Designed primarily for volume users in any industry category, Fast Art provides an on-line “virtual studio” where ads can be created, approved and despatched in one simple operation in just a few minutes and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Quick and easy.

Go from raw text in simple forms to a completed ad in around 10 seconds.

No software required.

Importantly, there are no software installation requirements, no firewall issues, no dealing with demanding IT departments and trying to get new products approved for your network. Internet access, a web browser and Acrobat reader is all you need.

For a quick overview of the FastArt process, check out the How it works page.
For more information or questions, contact us.